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Ahead of stroke and related illnesses it is ahead of traffic accidents and number five on the list in the most advanced countries is alcohol abuse so two of the most of the biggest causes of disability in the world are a mental illness and an addiction now you know we look at that the whole business of stigma and it’s it’s one thing to look at it for mental illness you know one of the things that the World Health Organization is also determined is that if you have the cost to society for major depression is roughly equal to that of blindness and paraplegia and if you have an active psychosis the cost of society for that is roughly.

equal to quadriplegia that is not having a baddy the second big challenge i think we have in terms of the assumptions about these areas is that we tend to think about the body in the mind being two different things now why that is I don’t know but we tend to think that mental stuff is over here and physical stuff is over here and the reality is that that’s just obviously not the case we have we have a lot of research that addresses these issues undone of the things that we want to speak to is how it is that we can bridge that gap between mental illness and physical illness if you have a serious integrated healthcare omaha mental illness like schizophrenia.

you are going to die on average years younger than your non mentally ill counterparts bandit has nothing to do with your mental-illness it has nothing to do with suicide it has everything to do with your physical healthcare people who have schizophrenia are four to six times more likely to have diabetes there are five to seven times more likely to have pulmonary problems like pneumonia and the thing that we have to remember about mental illness and addiction is that these things are ubiquitous when we think about the future of behavioral health care which is the generic term that we use we know that we have to address that that bringing together you know we make decisions about where I want to go not surrogate parent.

we know that people want to move away from disease and disability to recovery and hope and we can do that but this is not a clinical ability problem this is a personal attitude problem that starts here we need people to believe that these are illnesses nothing more nothing lessee have to stop judging people because they have a particular illness and weave to bring back together the mind in the body and treat the person as one person and we need to move from this position of disease and disability to hope and recovery.