Get Rid of Glutathione Once and For All

Deficiency or believe you would benefit from some supplemental vitamin CI would encourage you to consider only using vitamin C in liposomal technology that does not use soy and also uses advanced sealing technology like the like apps that help keep the vitamin Pure so I hope this video helped clear up some confusion about the really important antioxidant vitamin C and hope you can use.

This information for you and your family to continue to take control of your health so much for joining us here today I’m making probably one of the most-important videos I’ve made to date and that video is how to make liposomal encapsulated vitamin C you’re probably wondering what the heck is a chef doing standing here talking to you about how to make such a vital but very important natural remedy and there are a couple of really good reasons why and those two really good reasons is first my cousin Meyer who was diagnosed with cancer and given literally two weeks to live from her diagnosis and she has fought back against her cancer using-natural remedies and one of.

Those things that she has been using is vitamin C so she’s reason number one and reason-number two is my brother-in-law Anton who Glutathione also was diagnosed with cancer given weeks to live and he too has fought back using natural remedies and one of those natural remedies that they both have-have used has been vitamin C now Antonmy brother-in-law was actually using so he was using intravenous vitamin C and he had great success with that but for those of us amongst us who cannot-afford the expense of the shots which he’s living in New Zealand the shots.