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where necessary not excessive licensing will promote entrepreneurship in this country and provide the best platform for the least advantage in our economy to prosper and for its part the Commission has devoted significant resources over the past years of hosting state laws and regulations including many in the occupational licensing area that an overview unnecessarily restricts competition.

the Commission has Painesville dental services used two very different tools in opposing such regulations the first tool is at our disposal as law enforcement with North Carolina dental as the most recent example the secondly the second inarguably more important tool for the agency is competition advocacy where by we provide our views on the likely competitive effects of specific laws or regulations and the primary goal of such advocacy is to convince policymakers to consider and minimize any.

adverse effects on competition that may result from regulations aimed at preventing various consumer harms since the Commission has issued a hundred of comments and amicus briefs to state and self regulatory entities addressing professional licensure and other restrictions across a wide range of industries and my expectation is that the Commission will continue to pursue this important Titian advocacy any sweeping reform of occupational licensing practices, however, will need to come from the state’s such forms should garner support from across the political spectrum as a recent Brookings Institution blog note licensing reform should appeal to those interested in.

Expanding the employment prospects of low at low and middle-income workers and keeping prices more affordable to low and middle in come consumers that is folks with typically more liberal vieself-regulatory form should also appeal to those with typically more conservative views that is those committed to expanding economic opportunities by promoting entrepreneurship the creation of small business and giving individuals the ability to pursue the vocation a interests these are of course generalizations.

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Come in and you feel totally relaxed daft rewards clinic affairs of the James Plike to welcome you to our new building you can see in the background here is Sylva Dental the James b Edwards donor wall it’s an inter active electronic wall and it’s a state-of-the-art has lots of videos and pictures of dr.

Edwards and of the dental school and of our partners and donors and it’s really quite a tribute to a great man at the College of DentalMedicine we pride ourselves in excellent patient care and service and we have patient service patient input center rewards on each  gives our patients an opportunity to fill out forms for patient satisfaction patient compliments and even patient complaints we do get some of those sometimes in addition that we also send down patient.

surveys our patients on an on a regular basis to receive feedback so we can continually implement process approvalenough that you go the new building has allowed us to incorporate state-of-the-art technology in this machine right here this is a dental CTcome be basically it’s a dental cat scan and it allows us to look at images to diagnostic imaging of.

surveys tollofacialregion looking for pathology helps us India going and also in the placement implants all right my name is will chuckle I’m a senior dental student here at musc College of Dental Medicine class of and then one of the new opportunities here and I’m going clinical JD Edwards facility and tell you what.

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The details and the rules of the different things that we talked about today for this for the purposes of this lecture what you want to do is big picture what is height of contour and how would you describe it what an embrasure is and again that you know that you have both incisal facial buccal embrasures as well of fascial buccal and lingual embrasures and that contact points you’re going to have the incisal gingival axis and a buccolingual for lingual access and you can describe where the mesial and distal contact points are using division of teeth into third and next time when you learn again we learn about individual teeth you’ll learn about these concepts anyhow they apply to each specific tooth and so old are about that next time so.

I need to chuckle since when I saw the title Dentist Matthews NC of this story, I didn’t recognize what it was. So I’ve turned my Bible to where the sheet of paper said the story was found. Also, that has been my sermon readiness. On the off chance that you ever think about how much readiness I’ve done, it’s been numerous times of strolling with Jesus. The vast majority of these lessons I am doing on the anecdotes of Jesus have been being lectured with no perusing or critique or anything besides with life experience and time thinking about the Bible and the stories and the lessons of Jesus and a deeply rooted association with Jesus.

Added to that is the point at which you go to a sermon where you have no arrangement that leaves a considerable measure of space for the Holy Spirit to utilize your mouth. At the point when individuals see some of my basic lessons and call them significant and rich and profound, all radiance needs to go to God, since it’s not Matthew that is doing it. Matthew is only a basic individual. On the off chance that you discover him profound, that is the Holy Spirit similarly that Jesus used to be.

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Deficiency or believe you would benefit from some supplemental vitamin CI would encourage you to consider only using vitamin C in liposomal technology that does not use soy and also uses advanced sealing technology like the like apps that help keep the vitamin Pure so I hope this video helped clear up some confusion about the really important antioxidant vitamin C and hope you can use.

This information for you and your family to continue to take control of your health so much for joining us here today I’m making probably one of the most-important videos I’ve made to date and that video is how to make liposomal encapsulated vitamin C you’re probably wondering what the heck is a chef doing standing here talking to you about how to make such a vital but very important natural remedy and there are a couple of really good reasons why and those two really good reasons is first my cousin Meyer who was diagnosed with cancer and given literally two weeks to live from her diagnosis and she has fought back against her cancer using-natural remedies and one of.

Those things that she has been using is vitamin C so she’s reason number one and reason-number two is my brother-in-law Anton who Glutathione also was diagnosed with cancer given weeks to live and he too has fought back using natural remedies and one of those natural remedies that they both have-have used has been vitamin C now Antonmy brother-in-law was actually using so he was using intravenous vitamin C and he had great success with that but for those of us amongst us who cannot-afford the expense of the shots which he’s living in New Zealand the shots.

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Ahead of stroke and related illnesses it is ahead of traffic accidents and number five on the list in the most advanced countries is alcohol abuse so two of the most of the biggest causes of disability in the world are a mental illness and an addiction now you know we look at that the whole business of stigma and it’s it’s one thing to look at it for mental illness you know one of the things that the World Health Organization is also determined is that if you have the cost to society for major depression is roughly equal to that of blindness and paraplegia and if you have an active psychosis the cost of society for that is roughly.

equal to quadriplegia that is not having a baddy the second big challenge i think we have in terms of the assumptions about these areas is that we tend to think about the body in the mind being two different things now why that is I don’t know but we tend to think that mental stuff is over here and physical stuff is over here and the reality is that that’s just obviously not the case we have we have a lot of research that addresses these issues undone of the things that we want to speak to is how it is that we can bridge that gap between mental illness and physical illness if you have a serious integrated healthcare omaha mental illness like schizophrenia.

you are going to die on average years younger than your non mentally ill counterparts bandit has nothing to do with your mental-illness it has nothing to do with suicide it has everything to do with your physical healthcare people who have schizophrenia are four to six times more likely to have diabetes there are five to seven times more likely to have pulmonary problems like pneumonia and the thing that we have to remember about mental illness and addiction is that these things are ubiquitous when we think about the future of behavioral health care which is the generic term that we use we know that we have to address that that bringing together you know we make decisions about where I want to go not surrogate parent.

we know that people want to move away from disease and disability to recovery and hope and we can do that but this is not a clinical ability problem this is a personal attitude problem that starts here we need people to believe that these are illnesses nothing more nothing lessee have to stop judging people because they have a particular illness and weave to bring back together the mind in the body and treat the person as one person and we need to move from this position of disease and disability to hope and recovery.

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